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Teeth whitening


Teeth whitening can be done on teeth which are discoloured and stained due to extrinsic factors like food and drinks such as wine and coffee, tobacco use and natural ageing. While all professional teeth whitening methods are similar in concept, the most effective teeth whitening techniques are those done professionally in the dentist's office. This type of teeth whitening is not only done by a professional, but the concentration of the chemicals and the way in which the chemicals are delivered to the teeth is done in a way that provides better results. If you think that you want teeth whitening to enhance your self-confidence, feel free to make an appointment with Dr Sagathavan.

What to expect with teeth whitening

When visiting Dr Sagathavan, he will firstly evaluate the state of your smile and see whether the discolouration and stains may be treated with teeth whitening. If the condition of the teeth is poor, Dr Sagathavan may advise dental veneers or dental crowns instead to provide both an appealing and functional smile. Issues such as cavities, severe decay or gum disease will need to be treated prior to teeth whitening.

If found that teeth whitening may be beneficial for your smile, Dr Sagathavan will remove excess plaque with a professional oral cleaning. Your dentists will then take impressions of your teeth so that a custom mouth plate may be made. Professional teeth whitening is done in Dr Sagathavan’s office in one or more sessions depending on the desired shade. The chemicals placed in the tray, and the tray is fitted into the mouth and cured.

Tips for care after teeth whitening

After teeth whitening you should be able to go about as normal. Proper oral hygiene is important and you should avoid certain foods notorious for staining.

Rinsing your mouth after eating and drinking will help maintain your whitened smile but it should be noted that touch-ups will be necessary. Your dentist may also give you teeth whitening kit to maintain and prolong the whitening your smile at home.

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